The Link King
Record Linkage and Consolidation Software
After installation of The Link King using the installation wizard

1. download the Unix installation file from my web site
2. extract the "undup_cport_file" to your Link King directory
3. delete "undup_frames.sasbcat" from your Link King directory
4. cimport the catalog to your Link King directory

filename importin 'c:\link king\undup_cport_file';
libname  target  'c:\link king';
proc cimport infile=importin

5. launch The Link King with desktop icon or run the following from a program editor.

libname undup "<directory containing The Link King's program files>";
dm 'Af c=undup.undup_frames.program_setup_new.frame;log;icon;explorer;icon;awsmaximize';

Windows 64-Bit User Instructions