The Link King
Record Linkage and Consolidation Software
Record Linkage on Unix / Linux by The Link King
Recent modifications to The Link King allow record linkage/unduplication on Unix / Linux
systems. Users report successful completion of record linkage tasks when following the
guidelines detailed below.
Download The Link King's Program Files for Unix/Linux

2. Use SAS's "proc cimport" to import the file containing The Link King's program frames ("undup_cport_file") to the directory
used in Step 1 (above)

    filename importin '<path to "undup_cport_file" extracted from download>';
      *(e.g., /link king/undup_cport_file);
    libname  target  '<path to directory to where you will be importing "undup_cport_file">
      *(e.g.,  /link king);
    proc cimport infile=importin

3. Verify that "undup_frames.sas7bcat" was successfully created in the directory containing The Link King's program files.

3. Launch SAS

4. Launch The Link King  by running the following code from the program editor

    libname undup "<directory containing The Link King's program files>";
    dm 'Af c=undup.undup_frames.program_setup_new.frame;log;icon;explorer;icon;awsmaximize';

5. While The Link King appears to be comfortable running on Unix / Linux, we leave open the possibility that some degree of
incompatibility may exist.  If you encounter any errors during the processing of record linkage tasks, please e-mail me the log.