The Link King
Record Linkage and Consolidation Software
The Link King v9.0 for SAS
Last program update: 3/9/2018

Wait !  Is The Link King right for you ?  
Optimized blocking and updated linking algorithm.

Installation Instructions:

1. Create a "C:\Link King" directory

2. Download (The Link King v9.0 for SAS) and unzip into C:\Link King

3. For 64-bit installations copy "Summon Link King 64" (shortcut) to desktop.

    You should be able to launch The Link King by double-clicking the shortcut.

    If The Link King was not installed in c:\Link King or the shortcut does not work:

    a) modify the properties of the shortcut and/or lk_config_64.cfg (for 64 bit)


    b)  Launch SAS and run the following code in a program editor to launch
        The Link King:

    libname undup 'C:\link king';

    dm 'Af c=undup.undup_frames_64bit.intro.frame';

    After launch, close the explorer/results windows on the left side of the screen and
    maximize The Link King interface.
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Copyright Camelot Consulting 2004
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