PoloLoco Instruction Manual for Kindle (mobi)
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Ralph Lauren, Polo
Laceless  Vito
Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Vito Canvas Fashion Sneaker Laceless
Vito Canvass Fashion Sneaker
Men's Vito Sneaker
Vito Laceless Canvas
Polo Ralph Lauren
Vito Slip-on Sneaker
An Instruction Manual for Creating Custom Kicks
from Polo's Laceless Vitos
with performance and durability comparable (or better) than the unmodified shoe

Vitos "retail" for $65 but can be obtained for much less.  Watch the Macy's sales.  I've spent as little as $42.50.

Material costs per pair are minimal (eyelets, fabric, thread, photo transfer supplies).

Depending your toolbox, expect a one-time expense of up to $150 (sewing awl, grommet setter, hand clamp, etc.)

Send me pictures of your projects and I will post them on a separate page.
Art by Reid Psaltis and Kiki Cambell
PoloLoco Instruction Manual for PDF